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Melissa Wiederrecht (*1988 in Iowa City, USA) was raised in Wyoming, but lives and works in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. From 2006 to 2014, she studied at the University of Wyoming, obtaining both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science.  Since graduating, she has employed code and algorithms to create abstract compositions that evoke a connection to the infinite. While her artistic medium relies on technology, it explores how these generated outputs can connect to timeless and ancient concepts.

Born in America, Melissa chose to live her life as a Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia, immersing herself fully while also being surrounded by Sudanese people and culture. She actively participates in a movement of Generative Art, participating in online communities and presenting code-based art on the blockchain. With her art, Melissa aims to celebrate the strange and beautiful blend of these diverse cultures.


Parallel Universes: From Future Frequencies to Gucci Cosmos, Gucci Art Space, November 2023

Uncomputer, Unit London x Grailers DAO, October 2023

GEN/GEN: Generative Generations, Gazelli Art House x Verisart, September 2023

The Source, FeralFile, August 2023

N=12, FeralFile, July 2023

T△NDEM, GalerieData, Paris, June 2023

GENERATIVE, FakeWhale Cross, June 2023

Liminal Space, Unit London, February/March 2023

Odysseys, Verse, February 2023

FEMGEN, Right Click Save x VerticalCrypto Art, December 2022

In Touch, VerticalCrypto Art, Berlin, September 2022

Arithmetic Phenomena, Verse, September 2022

Coded Elegance, 1st Dibs, September 2022


The Tickle Issue #86, "Melissa Wiederrecht, A Rebel Soul", interview, 2023

Right Click Save, "The Interview | Melissa Wiederrecht", 2023

Right Click Save, "Is It Art?"  written by Melissa Wiederrecht, 2023

Highlight Blog, “Crypto-Native” by Melissa Wiederrecht, 2023


Fortune, "With NFTs, the only constant has been change. How full-time artists are navigating the chaos", 2023

Forbes, "Unleashing The Creative Power Of Code: What Generative Artists Can Teach Us About AI And NFTs", 2023

FW<LOG>, Melissa Wiederrecht: Code, Color, and the New Canvas, 2023

Interview for Liminal Space Exhibition, Unit London, 2023 (Bottom of the page)

AOI Masterclass, "Generative Brush Strokes with Melissa Wiederrecht", 2023

Waiting to be Signed, "Throwing Color Around: Interview with Melissa Wiederrecht", 2023

Verse, "Notes on Cosmic Rays with Melissa Wiederrecht", 2023

Artblocks, "In Conversation with Melissa Wiederrecht", 2022


University of Wyoming

MS in Computer Science, 2014

University of Wyoming

BS in Computer Science and Mathematics, 2011

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