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Beautiful Silence

technologies. Javascript, GLSL

iterations144 (generative series)

exhibitionN=12, FeralFile, July 2023 (Link) (Link2)


“Beautiful Silence” paints a picture of tranquility in response to the noise of current times. Evolving from heavily textured oceanic scenes, the artwork underwent a journey of reduction until it captured the essence of a serene sky. Melissa Wiederrecht stripped her signature textures out of the work to reveal a yearning for silence. As external demands increase, the artist seeks to break free from these pressures, pursuing the light that comes from untethered creativity.


Creative Credits - This artwork has gratefully made use of code from the following sources GLSL-Blend by Jamie Owen (MIT license) Glsl-fxaa by Matt DesLauriers (MIT license) PRNG by Piter Pasma

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