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Blurred Boundaries

technologies. Javascript, GLSL


exhibitionUncomputer, Unit London, Oct. 4 - Nov. 7, 2023 (Link)

product pageLink


"Blurred Boundaries" is an animated piece of generative art, created entirely from code, with JavaScript and GLSL.


"Blurred Boundaries" provokes the question: Where does the boundary between structured order and the emotionally resonant truly lie?


At first glance, in "Blurred Boundaries", one encounters a starkly discrete, black-and-white, pixelated, rule-based framework adorned with an overlay of flowing, continuous, randomized noise, awash in hues that resonate with human emotions.


The black-and-white, discrete backdrop adheres to the principles of Cellular Automata, notably Rule 30, as delineated by Wolfram. Each pixel's computation depends on the state of the pixel immediately above it, as well as the adjacent pixels to its left and right. Surprisingly, Rule 30, a quintessential emblem of discrete order, engenders a realm of complexity and chaos that appears genuinely random.


But let us delve further into the tapestry of colorful, undulating noise that drapes over these pixels. Superficially, it exudes randomness, chaos, and perhaps even emotional resonance. Yet, beneath the surface, it emerges from the structured, predictable, and mathematical underpinnings of computer code.


This prompts us to ponder the nature of chaos, randomness, and unpredictability. Can discrete systems, when imbued with sufficient complexity and depth, become indistinguishable from human chaos? Does a seemingly intricate and emotional landscape ultimately conceal traces of discreteness, predictability, and computability? These inquiries beckon us to reevaluate the lines we draw and to contemplate why we impose such boundaries in the first place.

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