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Both Be Both

technologies. p5.js, GLSL


releaseJanuary 5, 2023, SuperRare (Link)


Both pixelated and soft,

Both glitchy and smooth,

Both digital and textured,

Both intentional and random,

Both square and out-of-the-box,

Both moving and going nowhere.


"Both Be Both" is my attempt to run right over all the lines separating different 'genres' within generative art. It begs the question, why shouldn't something embrace both digital and looks-a-little-analog aesthetics? The animation is a perfect loop a) for your infinite viewing pleasure, and b) because art is both an infinite self-referencing loop and also undefinable and uncontainable.


The piece is composed of 1000 individually rendered frames that came from a program I wrote entirely in code using javascript, p5.js, and a couple webgl fragment shaders.


The name "Both Be Both" is a nod to two of the coolest places to hang out in web3 culture (#block-talk and #price-discussion) and all the fun (and hilarious) interactions had therein.  

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