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technologies. p5.js, GLSL


releaseOctober 17, 2022, Artblocks Playground (Link)



Brown dust, hot air

Broken system, broken roads

Sweet sandalwood incense rising in smoke

Ladies wrapped in every color and every pattern

Morning milk tea with cookies out under the mango tree

Hopeful graffiti of revolution on every street wall

A thousand guests, a million cups of coffee

The two Niles converging at one point

Mixing, sorting, moving on North

I will leave for my home soon

But I won't forget



This piece was made while I was visiting Sudan and during the time I started meetings to build a school using the charity money collected from all the amazing collectors of Sudfah. I was inspired by the contrast between the ubiquitous dirt and broken system of Sudan and the beautiful colorful culture and people. The colorful forms represent to me both the long flowy garments of the ladies and the smoke and aromas rising from the unique incense and perfumes of Sudan.

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