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Take Wing

technologies. p5.js, GLSL


releaseSeptember 15, 2022, fxhash (

“Take Wing” is a generative art collection depicting the hope, optimism, and thrilling excitement of a person taking off, gaining traction, and soaring to new heights and off into the great unknown.

The algorithm behind the piece stems from an attempt to go back to art fundamentals and codify composition rules and painterly techniques into a generative form - taking into account focal points, contrast, eye movement, and color theory while still giving the algorithm freedom to explore random color palettes, random flow field movement, random brush strokes, and many other degrees of freedom.

The collection is made in pure code with p5.js and a few GLSL fragment shaders.

The piece has been created to be exhibited at "In Touch" with VerticalCryptoArt in Berlin in September 2022, curated by Anika Meier.

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