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The Corridor

technologies. p5.js, GLSL

iterations10 (edition)

exhibitionLiminal Space, Unit London, Feb. 24 - Mar. 7, 2023 (Link)

product pageLink


The Corridor is a highly personal piece to me. I have been fascinated by long corridors, arches, and rows of columns ever since I was very young.  They evoke feelings of transition and growth and feel incredibly noble, intellectual, and holy to me.  As it happens, I am writing this description from Madinah.  I have walked through corridors like this one multiple times in the last day and I feel touched every time.  This piece is a simple, abstract, ode to a corridor of arches and all that they represent.


The piece is 100% generative and was made with p5.js and glsl.

The Corridor small.jpg
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